April 28, 1945: Benito Mussolini and his mistress Clara Petacci were executed by firing squad.

Today’s post features a blatantly biased atlas, published in 1941 by the German Library of Information in New York. The organization was expelled from the country later the same year.

It was very difficult to choose which pages to feature here, because they’re all fascinating in their own way. The audience is clear, the origins are clear, and the intention is clear; the atlas is sheer propaganda.

But never forget that every map features its own bias- not all are so obvious!

Atlas: Wirsing, Giselher. The war in maps, 1939/40, edited by Giselher Wirsing, in collaboration with Albrecht Haushofer, Wolfgang Höpker, Horst Michael [and] Ulrich Link.  New York, German Library of Information, 1941.

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