August 29, 1842: The Treaty of Nanking was signed, marking the end of the First Opium War between the UK and China.

I really appreciate the precision of the publisher’s location on the front cover of the map: “(Four Doors from Trafalgar Square) Next door to the post office”

Map: Wyld, James. A map to illustrate the war in China; compiled from surveys & sketches by British officers and other information. London: J. Wyld, 1857

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August 25, 1836: Bret Harte’s birthday

Guest Post from Kassie M., Grad student in the Map Collection

This map was discovered in the map collection this summer as part of the inventory project. The map features the names and illustrations of famous American writers or their characters. Bret Harte, the famous American author and poet, is featured on a map inset.

Map: Firley, H.J. (ed.) & Boys, J. (ill.) A Pictorial Map Depicting the Literacy Development of the United States. Chicago: Denoyer-Geppert:Chicago. 1952.

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history-addict asked:

I absolutely love your blog! Your collection is so wonderful and diverse. Truly interesting! Thank you so much for sharing!

mapiversaries Answer:

We’re so glad that you’re enjoying our posts! We do our best to show off the variety of materials present in a map collection; there’s always more than you think there will be, and you never really know what will show up!

August 22, 1910: The Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty was signed. It took effect one week later.

This map was found in a drawer in the Map Collection not long ago, and was recently cataloged during a cooperative cataloging project with several other institutions. Map cataloging is a highly specialized area; to get the map cataloged locally, it would have taken a cooperative effort between 3 different employees.

MapKankoku keijō zenzu / Keifu Tetsudō Kabushiki Gaisha cho. Tōkyō : Keifu Tetsudō Kabushiki Gaisha, Meiji 36 [1903]

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August 23-31, 1901: The Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, IA.

Guest Post from Kassie M., Grad student in the Map Collection

Photos of the 1901 Sanborn Insurance Maps of Des Moines, IA.

Pictured: page 153 and a view of the 1901 fairgrounds.

Map: Insurance Maps of Des Moines Iowa, Volume Two. New York: Sanborn-Perris Map Co. Limited, 1901.

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Sanborn fire insurance maps for the the block bounded by Iowa Ave., Clinton, Washington and Dubuque Streets, from 1883 to sometime after 1933.

Source: Sanborn Fire Insurance Company.

Note the wide open space used by livery stables on the early maps. The block still has a large open area accessible from Iowa Ave.

Fire insurance maps are incredibly useful for showing the precise evolution of an area.

It’s oddly gratifying to see what your house or workplace has replaced.

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August 6, 1911: Lucille Ball was born in Jamestown, NY.

Although a slightly creepy concept, star maps have been around for quite some time, and have in some cases just moved online.

MapSouvenir map and guide to starland estates and mansions : a fascinating trip through movieland with other information. Los Angeles, Calif. : Vivian Welton, [1960]

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A follow-up from yesterday’s post

It was easy to get side-tracked by the maps, but the rest of the atlas (notebook?) is quite impressive too, and deserves some attention. In combination with the maps, it presents a more detailed view of education during the time.

AtlasMeuron, Auguste de. Album of hand-drawn maps, plus historical charts, genealogies, and illustrations of musical and astronomical interest.  [1827-1850]

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August 5, 1827: Deodoro da Fonseca, first President of Brazil, was born.

Not too much of Brazil in here, but the date is relevant!

This hand-drawn atlas was apparently created in 1827 as part of the studies of de Meuron, or possibly those of a relative. Not pictured here are his efforts in music, history, genealogy, and more. Local animals and populations are the focus of several of the maps; others touch on city locations and a family trip.

AtlasMeuron, Auguste de. Album of hand-drawn maps, plus historical charts, genealogies, and illustrations of musical and astronomical interest.  [1827-1850]

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August 2, 1997: William S. Burroughs, born in 1914 in St. Louis, Missouri, died at the age of 83.

Guest Post from Kassie M., Grad student working in the Map Collection

This summer I have been working in maps with a large collection of uncatalogued wall maps. The majority of these maps have been stored within the map collection since the Geology branch was consolidated into the main library. This summer the large collection is being evaluated and sorted. There have been several interesting finds, including this 1918 map of St. Louis. One unique feature of this map is its gothic Forest Park label.

Map: Talbert, C.M. Map of the city of St. Louis as established by the city charter of 1876. [St. Louis, MO], 1918.

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